Music Program

St. Matthew’s Choir Schedule


Sunday October 12th - Harvest/Thanksgiving  - ALL volunteer


Psalm: 65


Mass: Mass of the Quiet Hour (Oldroyd)


Anthem: Thou Visitest the Earth (Greene)



Sunday October 19th AM – Men and Boys


Psalm: 99


Mass: Ireland in C


Anthem: How Beautiful Upon the Mountains (Stainer)




EVENSONG – Men and Boys


Psalm: 105, part 2


Versicles and Responses: Smith in A flat


Canticles: Stanford in C


Anthem: Evening Hymn (Balfour Gardiner)




Saturday October 25th: First Messiah Rehearsal – S and A


9 – 11 am




Sunday October 26th AM – Men and Boys


Psalm: 90: 1-6, 13-17


Mass: Darke in A


Anthems: O Taste and See (Vaughan Williams)


                  How Amiable (Vaughan Williams)








Saturday November 1st: Second Messiah Rehearsal – ALL


9 – 11 am




Sunday November 2nd  AM: All Saints’– Men and Boys


Psalm: 34: 1-10, 22


Mass: Stanford in C and F


Anthem: Justorum Animae (Stanford)






Psalm: 107, part 2


Versicles and Responses: Atkinson


Canticles: Kelly in C


Anthem: Beati Quorum Via (Stanford)




Saturday November 8th: Third Messiah Rehearsal – ALL


9 – 11 am




Sunday November 9th AM – Women and Girls


Psalm: 78: 1-7


Mass: Missa Brevis for 3 Voices (Martin)


Anthem: O Salutaris (Franck)




Saturday November 15th: Fourth Messiah Rehearsal - ALL


9 – 11 am




Sunday November 16th AM – Men and Boys


Psalm: 123


Mass: Viadana


Anthem: O Sing Joyfully (Batten)




EVENSONG – Men, Boys and Women


Psalm: 121, 122, 123


Versicles and Responses: Ayleward


Canticles: Gibbons Short


Anthem: La Nuit (Rameau)




Tuesday November 18th – Boys’ rehearsal cancelled




Wednesday November 19th – Girls’ rehearsal cancelled


(Men and Women rehearsal 7 – 9pm)




Thursday November 20th – Messiah Choir Dress Rehearsal – call TBD




Friday November 21st – Messiah Soloists Dress Rehearsal 7pm




Saturday November 22nd – Messiah Performance 7pm – call TBD




Sunday November 23rd AM: Reign of Christ – Glebelles (Maeve et al)


Psalm: 100


Mass: Weddle in D


Anthem: TBC




Sunday November 23rd  - Messiah Performance 2pm – call TBD




Sunday November 30th AM: Advent I and Bishop’s Visit - ALL


Psalm: 80: 1-7, 16-18


Mass: Missa Secunda (Hassler)


Anthem: O Salutaris Hostia (Esenvalds)












Sat Nov 22 @ 7:00PM -
Handel's Messiah
Sun Nov 23 @ 8:00AM -
Holy Eucharist
Sun Nov 23 @ 9:00AM - 09:45AM
"Conversations" with Archbishop Barry Curtis
Sun Nov 23 @10:00AM -
Choral Eucharist