Music Program

Choir Music Schedule May to June 2015




Sunday May 3: 10 am: M and B 


Psalm:  22; 24-30

Mass: Missa Secunda

Anthem: Hymn to the Trinity (Tchaikovsky)


 EVENSONG: M and B and W


Psalm: 136

Canticles: Stanford in Bb

Versicles and Responses: Rose

Anthem: O Thou the Central Orb (Wood)



Sunday May 10: 10 am: M and W


Psalm:  98

Mass: (Palestrina) Missa Aeterna Christi Menera

Anthem: Cantate Domino (Pitoni)





Sunday  May 17: 10 am: ALL (With visiting choir from Grace Church on the Hill, Toronto)


Psalm:  1

Mass: Wood in the Phrygian Mode



EVENSONG: ALL  (Also with Grace Church)


Psalm: 99

Canticles: Noble in B

Versicles and Responses: Rose

Anthem: Faire is the Heavens (Harris)

                Purcell's Evening Hymn



Sunday May 24: Pentecost: 10 am: ALL


Psalm:  104:25-35, 37b

Mass: Viadana

Anthem: O Lord Give Thy Holy Spirit (Tallis)

                              Veni Sancte Spiritus (Byrd)


Sunday May 31: Trinity: 10 am: W and G


Psalm:  29

Mass: Orban

Anthem: O Most Merciful




Sunday June 7: 10 am: M and B            


Psalm:  138

Mass: Darke in A

Anthem: If Ye Love Me (Tallis)


EVENSONG: ALL          

Psalm: 4 or 6

Canticles: Stanford in G

Versicles and Responses: Clucas

Introit: Behold the Tabernacle (Harris)

Anthem: O How Amiable (RVW)

Extroit: Go Out Into the World (Rutter)


Sunday June 14: 10 am: ALL   (Final choral Eucharist)


Psalm:  20

Mass: Mass for 8 Voices (Hassler)

Anthem: Alleluia (Manuel)







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  • The Choirs of St Matthews and Gloucester Cathedral, UK in concert Oct 27, 2015. More info
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