Notes and requested information from the Strategic Planning Meeting which was held on November 26th will be available the week of December 11. Thank you for your patience and support. 

Nov 26, 2017 Presentation    Overview Handout Nov 26, 2017

About the 2017-18 Strategic Plan

Consultations with parishioners and external stakeholders began in early 2016. Meetings, interviews and the changing context underpin a report accepted by the annual Vestry in February 2017, which set out potential strategic directions.

· What DOES God See at St. Matthew’s in 2032? Summary Report to Vestry (Feb 26/17)

· Presentation deck: SPP Summary Report to Vestry. (Feb 26/17)

Work Plan for October, 2017 to February, 2018

Work has continued since Vestry. An SP2.0 leadership team considered the vision, mission and principles. Sustainability is a cross-cutting theme. Work groups are developing potential actions on Worship, Learning and Community in October and November. Broad parish engagement begins on November 26th and will continue through January. A proposed Plan will be considered at Vestry on February 25, 2018.

Should you wish to participate in a work group or assist in any way, please contact the Rector’s Warden, Leonard Surges or the Reverend Gregor Sneddon,

Links to the papers SP2.0 are provided below

    · SP2.0 Strategic Plan Outline

    · Sp2.0 Strategic Plan Principles Refined

    · SP2.0 Milestones

· Workgroup Objectives-Worship

· Workgroup Objectives-Learning

· Workgroup Objectives-Community

Background Reading - Worship

· Gibson Designing Space as a Theological Task

· Louis Weil, Chapter 5: The Liturgical Act

    · Ruth Meyers and Paul Gibson article

· Is St. Matthew's a Working Church (pdf)

Background Reading - Learning

· Learning _Prep