GIFT Logo Our GIFT campaign has allocated approximately $30,000/year over the full five years of the program for St. Matthew’s Ministry projects.  In the first round of selections, Parish Council reviewed a number of proposals from committees and individuals in April and allocations were made to Christian Education, Outreach and Hospitality Ministries, and the decisions are being implemented over the summer.  A call for further submissions will be made in the future as resources allow.

GIFT Bulletin - March 3, 2013


Background to the GIFT Campaign

The GIFT campaign is taking place in 72 parishes across the Diocese. (For more information on the Diocesan campaign, go to St. Matthew’s was one of three parishes in the Diocese to take the opportunity to add an additional goal to its original Diocesan assessment so that we can replace the roof on the Church. We benefit significantly from the administrative support provided by the Diocese – these services would normally cost about 10% of the campaign value. 


The GIFT Campaign Five Year Plan

On Sunday, June 24, 2012 the following motion was carried at a special meeting of Vestry:

“That St. Matthew’s participate in the Diocesan GIFT campaign with the following budget:”

Source of Funds:
Parishioners cash and pledges - $800,000
Special fundraising - $100,000
St. Matthew’s reserves-  $150,000
Total = $1,050,000
Use of Funds:
Roof Replacement (upper portion) - $712,000
Diocesan GIFT ministry support - $188,000
St. Matthew’s ministry support - $150,000
Total = $1,050,000


Regular Services

Service Times

The Holy Eucharist 
  • Chapel, Sundays, 8am
  • Church, Sundays, 10am
  • Chapel, Thursdays, 10am
  • Church, 2nd Wednesdays, 11:30am

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