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St Matthew’s Anglican Church is a faith community composed of approximately 275 families and individuals from the Glebe and across Ottawa. In addition to worship, outreach and Christian education the parish is known for a distinguished choral tradition involving men and women, girls and boys.

The paid staff is led by the Rector and includes the Parish Administrator, Director of Music and part-time custodians and cleaners who report to the Parish Administrator. The Parish Administrator works with volunteers and committee chairs in a variety of operations and mission activities of the parish.

The St Matthew’s hiring team is seeking to recruit a part-time person to perform the responsibilities of Parish Administrator. St. Matthew’s offers flexible working hours, and a benefits package including annual vacation. The Parish Administrator position is currently 27 hours per week. The hourly rate for the Parish Administrator will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Instructions to Candidates

Candidates must submit a resume and covering letter to be considered. Candidates should demonstrate they meet the qualifications and experience in the resume/covering letter in order to be selected for an interview. Candidates are requested to respond to each of the statements in Qualifications and Experience and demonstrate how they meet each requirement statement in order to be selected for an interview.

The position description is available from the parish office ( and on the parish website ( This position will be open for applications from 23 May 2019 to 16 June 2019. If candidates have questions about this opportunity, they may contact the St. Matthew’s office at 613-234-4024.

Position Duties

The Parish Administrator performs the duties set out in the Position Description which can be summarized as:

  1. overseeing the parish office operations, including receiving visitors and responding to phone and e-mail communications, supervising staff and working with volunteers;
  2. preparing communication products such a worship service bulletins, posters, and group e-mails;
  3. coordinating building maintenance and repairs, managing building space and parking rentals, supervising cleaning services, and monitoring maintenance and security issues; and
  1. supporting parish financial management by coordinating processes and documents with the bookkeeper and members of the Finance Committee.

Position Description

Qualifications and Experience

  • Experience in managing a range of office activities in a self-directed and confident manner
  • Experience in working effectively with visitors, parishioners, and service providers
  • Experience in supervising paid staff
  • Experience working with desktop office applications
  • Demonstrated capability to quickly learn new applications and programs
  • Experience with property management and coordinating maintenance and repairs
  • Experience in managing multiple tasks and capability to deal with stress effectively
  • Demonstrated strong interpersonal skills; a warm, confident, and patient manner
  • Respects confidentiality
  • Has relevant education and life experience
  • Experience in a faith-based organization would be an asset


Administration and Property Management

  • receiving, greeting and responding to office visitors, and managing incoming and outgoing phone, e-mail and mail;
  • recruiting, training and supporting parish office volunteers;
  • maintaining parish files and archives;
  • ordering office supplies and arranging for maintenance and repairs of office equipment; and
  • maintaining bulletin boards;
  • arranging bookings and rentals of the building space including parking, and arranging for appropriate space set-up before and clean-up after events;
  • supervising cleaning staff;
  • arranging for and monitoring snow removal services; and
  • managing the building maintenance and security requirements and referring problems to the Property Committee or to a service provider as appropriate.

Contributing to Parish Financial Management

  • completing ticket sales for concerts and other parish events, receiving payments of cash, and other payments modes such as credit card and Pay-pal;
  • reviewing and approving invoices submitted for office and building maintenance and repairs; and
  • receiving donations and payments and storing them securely for recording and deposit.


  • preparing worship service bulletins including layout design;
  • designing and producing posters and web content for concerts and fund-raising events;
  • preparing correspondence and other communications for the Rector, Music Director and in support of parish committees;
  • maintaining and circulating the roster for worship service participants during the church year;
  • managing mailings and regular e-mail communications to the parish; and
  • assisting in creating and posting content to social media platforms such as the parish website, Face-book, and Twitter.


  • Other related tasks, as may be assigned by the Rector




Regular Services

Service Times

The Holy Eucharist 
  • Chapel, Sundays, 8am
  • Church, Sundays, 10am
  • Chapel, Thursdays, 10am
  • Church, 2nd Wednesdays, 11:30am

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