Church Administration 
St. Matthew's is adopting a new Strategic Plan for the period 2017 - 2032

Annual Report 2017 depicts the scope and vibrancy of this busy community of Christians.

The Narrative Budget  tells the financial story of the parish in terms of ministry.

The Corporation
This is the central governance group of the church. It consists of the Rector, the Rector's Warden, the People’s Warden and the Deputy Warden. The wardens work with the Rector in giving leadership to the parish. Strong committees are the key to successful programs and ministries. The Rector and Wardens participate in various committees.

Parish Council
The Parish Council meets three times a year to deliberate on strategic issues.  It includes Canon Pat, the leaders of all committees and groups (formal and informal) as well as congregational representatives, Synod delegates, Wardens and Parish is a Parish Council Retreat in early spring plus meetings in the fall and in January before Vestry.  Meetings are open to all interested parishioners.

Executive Committee of Parish Council
The Executive Committee supports and advises the Corporation in its day-to-day management of the Parish and takes responsible for implementation of the Strategic Plan. It includes the Corporation (see above) the Chairs of the major committees (currently Finance, Property, Stewardship, Communications, Outreach, Christian Education and Music) plus a congregational representative. The Executive Committee meets eight times per year.

Finance Committee
This group oversees all financial and budget matters. It prepares budgets, maintains the books and records and reports on financial results. It advises Parish Council on financial issues and budget implications of forthcoming decisions. It also oversees the work of the Treasurer, Fundraising Committee, and the Envelope Secretary.

Property Committee
Members provide advice on the upkeep of the building in the short and long term and coordinate work crews to undertake a range of special projects to keep the building and the grounds in good order.

Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee is responsible for professional and volunteer development in the parish. It works with the Corporation and committee chairs to develop succession plans for key positions, coordinate training for volunteers and develop the roster of candidates for appointment and election by Vestry.

Communications Committee
This committee helps raise public awareness of St. Matthew’s and its activities and events. It works with Parish Council and other church committees. Volunteer members are welcome.


Regular Services

Service Times

The Holy Eucharist 
  • Chapel, Sundays, 8am
  • Church, Sundays, 10am
  • Chapel, Thursdays, 10am
  • Church, 2nd Wednesdays, 11:30am

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